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Certified in spinal trauma

Vistad Chiropractic has over 3 decades of experience providing chiropractic care to patients in Fergus Falls, and Elbow Lake, MN and the surrounding areas. Widely known for its ability to free up the nervous system and correct the source of many internal and external maladies, chiropractic and spinal care is an integral part of our comprehensive patient treatment plans. Gentle enough for children and apprehensive patients, yet strong enough to fix some of the toughest lingering maladies, our chiropractic care can treat the source of your ailments and help you back on the road to recovery.

chiropractic services

Chiropractic Services – The most thorough spinal evaluation & correction available – by an experienced, caring doctor. Dr. Vistad combines massage, myofascial release and trigger point therapy with his Chiropractic adjustments for a more comfortable and longer-lasting result. He targets and corrects subluxations, joint misalignments & fixations and muscle spasms – freeing your entire body to operate normally and boy, does it feel good. Dr. Vistad places special emphasis on correcting nerve interference that prevents the body’s main computer, your brain, from properly controlling all your muscles and organs, everything just the way God designed us! This is where the magic happens, and it is the part other doctors overlook.


Rehabilitation – We offer essential follow-up care for all types of injuries or conditions including sports, auto accidents, work or anything else. This care provides that extra push your body needs to get back to NORMAL – so you can work, play, and compete again… without pain. These include exercise and stretching demonstrations to restore strength & stability plus improve posture and balance, as well as nutritional counseling to assure that your body has the essential nutrient “building blocks” it needs to heal and maintain itself. Remember, you are what you eat!


Pain Management – We use copious amounts of “Hands-on” plus the latest in high-tech treatments & therapies to control & resolve your pain trigger point stimulation, acupressure, massage & myofascial release or examples of the “hands-on” work that Dr. Vistad incorporates as needed into each visit. Ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulator (EMS), micro-current acquisition and cold lager are examples of our high-tech pain relief modalities.

Our Chiropractic Services Include:

Non-invasive pain treatment