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Do not hide the pain. Fix it!

At Vistad Chiropractic, we don't just treat our patients' symptoms, we correct the source of their discomfort, working to cure old injuries and restoring people to health. If you're in pain or have never dealt with a doctor who's had the time of day for you, give us a call. We guarantee you'll be impressed from the first examination.

pain management

Our Pain Management Include:

Pain Management both high-tech and old-school multi-fascinated treatment for painful new injuries as well as chronic-recurring pain issues – both internally and externally.

We don't just hide symptoms, we correct them


Physiotherapy – soothing care for muscle, joint, ligament, tendon & nerve injuries caused by auto, sports, home or work-related injuries.

CSD – Computerized Spiral Decompression. High-tech for low and neck pain/ spinal stenosis/ disc herniation or bulge etc. Your non-surgical alternative for severe debilitating spinal pain.


Ultrasound – for tendonitis, bursitis, plantar fasciitis/heel spurs, etc.


Cold Laser – Accelerates healing to remove joint / tendon/muscle pain as well as neuropathy pain and delayed healing problems.


Electro Muscle Stimulation – For relieving painful spasms and retraining weakens


Manual Soft-tissue therapies – Massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, intersegmental traction, manual insulation stimulation for comfortable, soothing pain and spasm relief.