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Good with multiple problems!

Our new born was so colioy that we got little sleep for the first 3 weeks. We felt so sorry for our little Tyke but we were all getting crabby! Someone told us to try Dr. Vistad and our baby calmed down about 50% after just 2 treatments. Now he only has rare bad episodes that keep us up! I guess kids have nerve problems too!


Bonnie W.


I'm a woman who runs a construction/remodeling business. I couldn't continue to do this without Dr. Vistad. I literally work like a man every day.


Joey B.


Dr. Vistad was the most help after my car accident. I first went to the ER and P.T. Following all their orders and taking their pills. A few weeks later I was about the same (sore and stiff all over) plus I was groggy from the pain pills. Someone told me to try Dr. Vistad and I'm glad they did! After a short series of treatments, my "stuck" areas are starting to move again and pain levels are manageable and steadily decreasing - even without the pain pills. Thanks Dr. Bruce.


Beth S.

Headaches gone... (after 20+ years!!)

Autistic behavior improved

Vertigo detected

My trick knee-fived

Good with Ins. Co's

Good with Kids

Best Dr. ever!


Being in the military, my wife and I lived in several cities all over this great country and we've tried several chiros in each location to find the best or I could. NONE have brought the effort or compassion Dr. Vistad does... Karin is great too. They really care! We'll never need another Dr. as long as we live here.


Richard Scott

Betty Scott

We love it here! Dr. Vistad is just good with my young children as he is with me and we all feel better!


Brandy J.



My kids actually behave for Dr. Vistad... Better than they do for me sometimes! They're less hyperactive when they're adjusted.


Krissy L.

Best I've found

I wish I'd found Dr. Vistad years ago. He's my 4th and last Chiro.


Randy B.

Dr. Vistad and especially Karla are GREAT! Karla's the best. She always calls me by name and she got my Ins. Co to pay when they were being difficult.


Bret L.

At only 38 I became so frustrated that I couldn't run without my right knee hurting worse and worse till I'd be forced to stop after about 3-5 miles. I went to Ortho's who injected cortisone but these only lasted a few weeks each and they say I can only have a limited number. After reviewing my xrays, which were normal, Dr. Vistad did a funny little jerk adjustment with each visit and fit running shoe orthotics to level my stance. I'm running twice as far, faster now and improving steadily. See ya - gotta run!


Dawn S.

I just awoke out of the blue early one morning with the room spinning! I was so nauseos I almost vomited and I had to hold on to the wall to stay on my feet! I didn't know who to call, so I called Dr. Vistad for a referral. He's helped me in the past with problem he couldn't fix but always sent me to the right specialist and checked up later to see how it went. I was surprised when he said he may be able to help me. I went in for an "otolith procedure" that muted the spinning in short order. I still get a touch from time to time but a Dc or 2 takes care of it.


Donna L.

Truly caring people

Insomnia improved

Upset stomach soothed

Blurred vision cleared

It's age, I guess...but ever so often I just can't focus on what I'm trying to see. Can't even read the paper when this happens. Dr. Vistad just does a quick click to my upper neck and it clears up instantly. Good to go for quite a while.


Donna L.

For years I'd have episodes of stomach sensitivity with nausea and cramps that lasted for several hours to several days sometimes. Dr. Vistad explained how every internal organ including the whole digestive tract (stomach and instestines) rely on nerve signals from the brain to operate normally. Spinal fixations and misalignments between my shoulder blades were interfering with my nerves. A quick adjustment when this happens and I can eat anything again or better yet take a monthly maintenance adjustment and I rarely notice it at all!


Joed S.

Recurrent headache help

I just couldn't live without Dr. Vistad. I'm still young, but after the birth of our 1st child I'd be put out of commission for several days at a time with severe pain right at the base of my skull! I've learned that a quick adjustment at the 1st sign of trouble and they never take me completely down. Yay! my kids need me.


Allison Dreschel

We've discovered that our autistic 5yrs old calms down considerably after being adjusted. If he's really bad, or we let it go too long it may take 2-3 treatments but he almost always responds positively.


Jessica A.

I was getting so sleep deprived from waking at 2-3 AM and laying there tossing and turning for hours. Getting up many mornings feeling more tired than I did at bedtime. Chiropractic adjustments have notably improved my sleep and some gentle herbal muscle relaxes with no side effects help me fall and stay asleep most of every night. I'm awake during the day now!


Maggie B.

Dr. Vistad and Karla have stood by us and helped us through some of our family's most trying times. Aside from helping us with pur physical aches and pains, they emphathize and comfort emotionally too.. They even pray for us and we all need that.


Jenny and Matt H.

Good with chronic pain

Big help with TMS

Very encouraging

Teaches us to fix ourselves

After he got me out of pain, Dr. Vistad showed me the easy exercises I needed to stabilized my back and stay out of trouble. But he didn't stop there. Great supplements like glucosamine really keep my recurring problems manageable.


George K.

I've been a patient at Vistad Clinic for many years now. When I first started I was about to give up completely on golf. My lower back couldn't take the motion and my right shoulder hurt with every drive. Dr. Vistad and Karla were both so encouraging.. "Nonsense!" they said... "You have lots of years of golf left!" And they were right with Dr. Vistads adjustments and massage , and Karla's ultrasound and muscle stim kept me swinging thru excitement and I'm still on a senior's league... swinging away with hardly any pain!


Walt C.

Friendly/good humored clinic

We used to sort of dread going in for an adjustment... like "let's get this over with". But Vistad Clinic is so upbeat - it's become a highlight of our day. Karla always greets us warmly and she knows what's going on in all our lives. We each catch up with her while we take turns with Dr. Bruce - who keeps the kids entertained with good-natured ribbing and the adults with a pleasant mix of jokes and current events. We never wait long and everyone in the waiting room is usually in a good mood too... It makes the time go fast and we leave in a good modd.


Lori and Harlan W.

I highly recommend this clinic for anyone with long-stanging neck or back pain. I dealt with debilitating pain for 15 years... and I'm only 51. Doctors wouldn't believe me, let alone hear me out. Most thought it was all in my head. After 15 minutes at Vistad's I knew I was in the right place. The staff is exceptional, understanding and most of all compassionate about what they do... helping people get well. I left feeling relieved, validated and hopeful. THANK YOU.


Warren N.

After being to the UofM and Mayes Clinic and trying several of their procedures, pills, and remedies, Dr. Vistad did some adjustments to my jaw and gave me more relief than anyplace else... I can eat again. (carefully)


E. Sorben

I had lived with daily, unrelenting headaches that varied from distracting to severe and debilitating. They were a way of life. I'd heard several times that chiropractic might help but was finally convinced to actually try it last winter. Dr. Vistad worked on my neck and head and my headaches were gone for several days. I thought it was a coincidence! But after 3-4 treatments they were gone for several weeks. Now I only need occassional adjustments to completely control this terrible curse. Thank you, Dr. Vistad.. for giving my life back!


J. Shaw

Crying baby comforted

Vistad Clinic has been a Godsend. My wife had used them for years and encouraged me to try them as well. I truly thought I may have needed some kind of surgery and didn't believe a chiropractor could help all my painful areas. Dr. Vistad addresses each of my complaints in sequence... some were related to each other and others were not. (He fixed my left hip pain by placing a tf" shim (heel lift) in my right shoe!) one by one all my pain complaints have gradually subsided until I'm rarely concerned by any pain any more. Thanks guys!


Harris G.